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To verify approval and to identify the regulatory domain that corresponds to a particular country, visit, Ports and Connectors on the Head of the 2802E Model, Deploying the Access Point on the Wireless Network, The controller sends the access point a CAPWAP join response allowing the access point to join the controller. ■Flexible Radio Assignment, allowing for either manual configuration or for the APs to intelligently determine the operating role of the integrated radios based on the available RF environment. The Cisco ® Aironet ® 2800 Series Wi-Fi access points are highly versatile … ■Monitor—This is the monitor-only mode for the Cisco AP. Miercom comparison report: Cisco Aironet 2800 and 3800 Aruba AP-335, Miercom Performance Report: Campus Network Infrastructure vs. Huawei, Trusted Workplace: Get Back to Business with Cisco DNA Spaces free trial, First Year On Us: Cisco DNA Software for Wireless. A trade-off was made to support dual 5–GHz 160 … ■To receive timely, relevant information from Cisco, sign up at Cisco Profile Manager. The AP supports the following operating modes: ■Local—This is the default mode for the Cisco AP. Manufacturers of U-NII devices are responsible for ensuring frequency stability such that an emission is maintained within the band of operation under all conditions of normal operation as specified in the user manual. For more information about priming, see the Performing a Pre-Installation Configuration. Cisco Aironet Series 3700 vs. AP 3600 Series. Cisco Aironet Series 2800/3800 Access Point Deployment Guide AP 2800 and AP 3800 Powering Options With each advance in wireless technology, access points are increasing in the number of radios, processing power and memory. –Wireless Security Monitoring and 5 GHz role, where one radio serves 5 GHz clients, while the other radio scans both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for wIPS attackers, CleanAir interferers, and rogue devices. Outdoor use may be restricted to certain frequencies and/or may require a license for operation. Les types d'antenne non inclus dans cette liste, ou dont le gain est supérieur au gain maximal indiqué, sont strictement interdits pour l'exploitation de l'émetteur. ■Cisco ClientLink 4.0 technology for improved downlink performance to all mobile devices, including one-, two-, and three-spatial-stream devices up to 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2. We have an identical switch on another location and the 2800 AP's Works fine, getting PoE from the … In order to troubleshoot such joining problems without enabling CAPWAP debug commands on the controller, the controller collects information for all access points that send a discovery message to it and maintains information for any access points that have successfully joined it. Note If the mode button is pressed for more than 30 seconds but less than 60 seconds, the FIPS mode flag is also cleared during the full factory reset of the AP. It captures and forwards all the packets from the clients on that channel to a remote machine that runs Airopeek or Wireshark (packet analyzers for IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs). Dipole Antenna, Gray, with RP-TNC connectors. Log in to see additional resources. The resulting Cisco IOS command added to the DHCP scope is option 43 hex f1080a7e7e020a7f7f02. It gives your wireless network the capability to meet your ever-changing business goals. Note The AP can only be configured to Sensor mode if it is an external antenna AP with no DART connected. Multiple data streams can travel from the access point to Wave 2 supported devices. ■The access point does not support Wireless Domain Services (WDS) and cannot communicate with WDS devices. This Device Meets International Guidelines for Exposure to Radio Waves. The dual-band radio can operate as a sensor on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The 2800 series device includes a radio transmitter and receiver. Flexible Radio Assignment improves mobile user experience for high-density networks. ■Optimized AP Roaming for ensuring that client devices associate with the AP in their coverage range that offers the fastest data rate available. –Dual 5 GHz radio role, with both radios operating in the 5 GHz band, actively serving client devices to maximize the benefits of 802.11ac Wave 2 and to increase client device capacity. This is within the normal range of the LED manufacturer’s specifications and is not a defect. Normal operating condition, but no wireless client associated, Normal operating condition, at least one wireless client association, Cycling through Red-Off-Green-Off-Blue-Off. (Cisco Controller)> config ap cert-expiry-ignore mic enable If the certificate of your WLC has expired you may need to use both workarounds to get newer access points to join them the WLC at all. Note You cannot edit or query any access point using the controller CLI if the name of the access point contains a space. The US Food and Drug Administration has stated that present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of wireless devices. Note In the sniffer mode, the server to which the data is sent should be on the same VLAN as the wireless controller management VLAN otherwise an error will be displayed. Cisco 2800 and 3800 Series Access Points are designed and architected to meet their users' needs for mission-critical and best-in-class applications. When the access point concentrates signals toward the receiving client, that client is better able to hear the AP’s transmission, and so throughput is greater. Health Canada states that present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of wireless devices. Figure 2. This process of storing controller IP addresses on an access point for later deployment is called priming the access point. Please try again later. This equipment operates in the same frequency bandwidth as industrial, scientific, and medical devices such as microwave ovens and mobile object identification (RF-ID) systems (licensed premises radio stations and unlicensed specified low-power radio stations) used in factory production lines. Without a supported external antenna connected to the Smart Antenna connector, the flexible radio can stay only in 2.4 GHz mode. General warning; insufficient inline power. Note DHCP Option 43 is limited to one access point type per DHCP pool. In Option 43, you should use the IP address of the controller management interface. ClientLink works with all client technologies. You can obtain additional information from the following organizations: ■World Health Organization Internal Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection at this URL:, ■United Kingdom, National Radiological Protection Board at this URL:, ■Cellular Telecommunications Association at this URL:, ■The Mobile Manufacturers Forum at this URL: ■AIR-AP2802E-x-K9—One 2.4 GHz/5 GHz flexible radio and one 5 GHz radio. CAPWAP is a standard, inter-operable protocol which enables an access controller to manage a collection of wireless termination points. The guidelines are based on IEEE ANSI C 95.1 (92) and include a substantial safety margin designed to ensure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. Cet appareil est conforme aux directives internationales en matière d'exposition aux fréquences radioélectriques. The are 4 dual-band dipole and a Smart antenna connector. About the Access Point. network. Note If the access point remains in this mode for more than five minutes, the access point is unable to find the Master Cisco wireless LAN controller. The rules for all access points are provided in both Chinese and English. The type is f1(hex). To perform pre-installation configuration, perform the following steps: Note A Wave 2 Cisco AP will be assigned an IP address from the DHCP server only if a default router (gateway) is configured on the DHCP server (enabling the AP to receive its gateway IP address) and the gateway ARP is resolved.This is not applicable to Wave 1 Cisco APs. To use the mode button, press, and keep pressed, the mode button on the access point during the AP boot cycle. The ports and connections on the bottom of the access point are shown in Ports and Connectors on the Head of the 2802E Model. This is due to Cisco's DNA Center. ■2 ft Smart Antenna Connector to RP-TNC Connectors (AIR-CAB002-DART-R=). The FIPS flag when set disables console access. The 2800 AP supports automatic Link Aggregation (LAG) across its Ethernet and AUX ports. You can find additional information at this URL: Cisco Systems, Inc. 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95134-1706 USA. ■The access point console port is enabled for monitoring and debug purposes. For other DHCP server implementations, consult product documentation for configuring DHCP Option 43. Il est recommandé de poser le système là où les antennes sont à une distance minimale telle que précisée par l'utilisateur conformément aux directives réglementaires qui sont conçues pour réduire l'exposition générale de l'utilisateur ou de l'opérateur. This section contains special information for operation of Cisco Aironet access points in Brazil. When the controller is maintaining join-related information for the maximum number of access points, it does not collect information for any more access points. Operation in the band 5150-5250 MHz is only for indoor use to reduce the potential for harmful interference to co-channel mobile satellite systems. ■To clear the AP internal storage, including all configuration files, keep the mode button pressed for more than 20 seconds, but less than 60 seconds. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. This radio transmitter has been approved by Industry Canada to operate with the antenna types listed below with the maximum permissible gain and required antenna impedance for each antenna type indicated. When an access point receives an IP address and DNS information from a DHCP server, it contacts the DNS to resolve CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER.localdomain. Mobility Express- Cisco AP 2800; 1201. This device complies with Industry Canada licence-exempt RSS standard(s). When designing the AP 2800 and AP 3800 Cisco wanted to bring the very best technology into the device. Dipole Antenna, Black, with RP-TNC connectors. The guidelines include a substantial safety margin designed into the limit to ensure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. Cisco Aironet 2800 series access points can be mounted in several configurations – on a suspended ceiling, on a hard ceiling or wall, on an electrical or network box, and above a suspended ceiling. Using the Mode button (see Ports and Connectors on the Head of the 2802E Model) you can: ■Reset the AP to the default factory-shipped configuration, ■Clear the AP internal storage including all configuration files. The information in this section does not include configuring Link Aggregation. Note You can mount the access point above a suspended ceiling but you must purchase additional mounting hardware: See Mounting and Grounding the Access Point for additional information. As such the systems are designed to be operated as to avoid contact with the antennas by the end user. ■Locally stored controller IP address discovery—If the access point was previously joined to a controller, the IP addresses of the primary, secondary, and tertiary controllers are stored in the access point non-volatile memory. The following Pre-Installation Configuration procedure given does not include configuring Link Aggregation. Administrative Rules for Low-power Radio-Frequency Devices. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a residential environment. Operate your network with simple, flexible, and highly secure solutions specifically designed for the small business. © 2020 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. ■To submit a service request, visit Cisco Support. Running 8.3 AP-COS - not 8.4 or above. To configure DHCP Option 43 in the embedded Cisco IOS DHCP server, follow these steps: is the name of the DHCP pool, such as AP2802, is the network IP address where the controller resides, such as, is the subnet mask, such as, is the IP address of the default router, such as, is the IP address of the DNS server, such as This provides up to 2 Gbps of uplink speed to the access point. EMC—EN 301.489-1 v1.9.2; EN 301.489-17 v2.2.1, Health & Safety—EN60950-1: 2006; EN 50285: 2002, Radio—EN 300 328 v 1.8.1; EN 301.893 v 1.7.1. Limits on Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Fields in the range from 3kHz to 300 GHz. You can configure the syslog server for access points and view the access point join information only from the controller CLI. ■To obtain general networking, training, and certification titles, visit Cisco Press. You will need four of these. Collection begins with the first discovery message received from the access point and ends with the last configuration payload sent from the controller to the access point. Dans le but de réduire les risques de brouillage radioélectrique à l'intention des autres utilisateurs, il faut choisir le type d'antenne et son gain de sorte que la puissance isotrope rayonnée équivalente (p.i.r.e.) 1. When installing the product, please use the provided or designated connection cables/power cables/AC adaptors. The Cisco products are designed to comply with the following national and international standards on Human Exposure to Radio Frequencies: ■US 47 Code of Federal Regulations Part 2 Subpart J, ■American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers / IEEE C 95.1 (99), ■International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) 98, ■Ministry of Health (Canada) Safety Code 6. ■The access point is still connected to the same controller, and a specific syslog server IP address has been configured for the access point on the controller using the config ap syslog host specific Cisco_AP syslog_server_IP_address command. 2802WGB, 3802WGB, RFC2246, RFC5246, TLS1.0, TLS1.2, WGB. New Cisco Aironet 1830 Series APs-Gigabit Wi-Fi Has Fully Arrived . This section describes how to connect the access point to a wireless LAN controller. When you combine the 2800 with Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA), you can transform your network so your organization can move faster, more efficiently, and securely. The discovery process using CAPWAP is identical to the Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) used with previous Cisco Aironet access points. Develop a highly secure mobile strategy and infrastructure with our services support. Performing a Pre-Installation Configuration, Configuring and Deploying the Access Point, Miscellaneous Usage and Configuration Guidelines, Declarations of Conformity and Regulatory Information, Communications, Services, and Additional Information, First Published: June 01, 2016 Last Updated: October 13, 2020. If an 802.3at or better power source is not available, the following Cisco mid-span injectors may be used.

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