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Where do the two transitions compare? a time of further ethnicization which is the dynamics of globalization. Prenota DJ di genere Balcanica per il tuo evento. Linguee. The nation is so revealed to be one of the great historical figures of transcendence. Учествују: Da quali fiumi sono attraversate? Actions. Roxana Istudor – redactor șef. Tigla metalica Bilka Balcanic, maro mat (RAL 8017), 2230 x 1180 x 0.5 mm la Ministerul german al transporturilor a decis să testeze dacă automobilele Volkswagen, în primul rând cele diesel, au fost construite respectând normele europene. 0. Today's Rank--0. director general. La penisola balcanicaIl territorioLa popolazioneL’economiaProf. Will Europe stop at Turkey? Partition leads to new nations, and the nation itself brings about partition, - that seems to be a kind of a general rule, if we understand nation as never identical and never adequate to itself, and also as a fiction and as something imaginary given through narration and discourse. The Cold War was also a strict division of two blocks. This is usually pacified multi-culturalism, referring to the recognition of differences... within the neo-liberal hierarchy. The threshold of 1989: It is within that framework that Europe is being constructed the way it is, with its inner and also external paradoxes and contradictions. Yet over that too, no excessive optimism. Elsewhere, even the Talibans seem to confirm this. dell’Europa balcanica Unità S13 Guida allo studio Dove si trova la regione? Europa s-a construit singură tip de un mileniu şi jumătate. Retranslated into English by me. You need to get 100% to score the 9 points available. We would rather speak of the European integration within the context of globalization, than only of post-communist transition which is indeed a limiting term, for several reasons. Redacţia. My work on post-colonialism in some countries, on the partition of the Indian sub-continent and on partitions compared, has convinced me that post-colonial transition resembles "post-communist" transition, or that the difficult development of the 3rd world resembles more and more what we have in some countries of the Balkans and in Eastern Europe, if not in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe. L’Europa balcanica comprende Stati accomunati dalla collocazione geografica lungo le sponde del Mar Mediterraneo. Păi Occidentul nici nu exista când Balcanii au redat Europei configuraţia ei intelectuală şi socială. by Deniz Kandiyoti, pp. It is true that, as things stand, there is no alternative to the integration of Eastern European and Balkan countries into Europe. Quali le loro caratteristiche? (8) Jacques Poulain, at the conference "Guérir de la guerre et juger la paix", Université de Paris-8, juin 1995, and other writings. The end of the Cold War coincides in the form and also structurally with a new geopolitical, economic configuration of globalized neo-liberalism, which makes it difficult for developing countries of the 3rd world as much as for some of the former socialist countries to catch up (since that is what is now expected). Avertismentul lui Tusk pentru toți migranții economici: Nu veniți în Europa! Game Points. What I really think we need, is to philosophically reconstruct thoughtfully the concepts we are using (I am a philosopher), but this is not the place and the time for it. SUMA is the new Air Europa customer loyalty programme, conceived and designed to provide an even more customer-focused and personalised service for our customers. With its erosion which is globally contemporary with the end of the Cold War and locally with the liberalization of the economy by the state, various ethnic, communal, religious and sometimes fundamentalist projects have emerged. The term of transition is also limiting because the integration of Europe has its own larger framework which is the globe of "globalization" as a whole, both of Davos and of Porto Alegre in 2001. A beneficiat de decretul de graţiere din 1964. . SECONDA GUERRA BALCANICA PRIMA GUERRA BALCANICA COSTANTINOPOLI CASTELLO DI DRACULA Nel giugno 1913 la Bulgaria attaccò la Serbia dando inizio alla seconda guerra balcanica. EN. In Europa ci sarà il "Si salvi chi può"! Claims for ethnic recognition are now fitted into a project of human rights and (liberal) democracy formally everywhere, but really emphatically so in areas of the third world and of the former Eastern block. It is also these should be taken into account at the re-construction which is under way. Add to Playlist. Advertisement. Corneliu Vlad. Scandalul testelor trucate de emisii de gaze, provocat de concernul Volkswagen, ar putea avea consecințe și în Germania. Among other things , because socialism subsidized underdeveloped regions. EUROPA; EUR-Lex home; EUR-Lex - 31992L0043 - EN Document 31992L0043. "C'était quoi, le tiers-monde? (7) And, says he further, "usual ways of reading will not appear appropriate any more." The erosion of the secular project here corresponds the erosion of the socialist project there. Pe larg. Add to New Playlist. Because you may remove the border of Europe further to the East, but if you don't change your idea of citizenship and the concept of border, state, nation etc, you will have the same residua - boat people, illegals. View as Printable Worksheet. - Ugo Mattei #Byoblu24 - Duration: 40:24. It is a matter of time, certainly, but Europe is not a single continent, it can be seen as the Western appendix of Asia, and its process of integration only makes the boundary move somewhat further to the East, while the mechanism, so far, remains the same. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. Ideea că Europa trebuie reconstruită numai pe principii economice şi monetare este o pură barbarie. Here is where a negotiation takes place over who will have access, and under what conditions, to the public and the political space. Game Statistics. Find assessments in our database. Further "ethnicization". Dove nasce la rabbia del profondo Nord, Editori Riuniti, Roma 1998. It pretends to possess truth and to prescribe the only significance. (6) On the other hand, it is clear that we need new epistemological instruments in order to grasp on-going changes. We are talking of transition today, within globalization, the other end of which are fragmentations along "ethnic" national lines. Trova un accordo. Open menu. This is roughly 1989 (a threshold never so clear-cut when it comes to post-colonialism as it was for socialidsm. * The present paper is a shortened and reshuffled version of the paper "Gender and Transition", given at the conference "Women and Radical Change" in Sydney, 2-4 April 2001, for the conference "Di-Segnare l'Europa. So, although there is no alternative to Europe and although it is an on-going process, no excessive euphoria over Europe the way it is being constructed seems to be possible either. (1) see the concept of "Alpine populism" of Paolo Rumiz, or the work of Bruno Luverà and others. The constant claim for differences in the rhetoric of the war-lords and in that of foreign peacemakers is only the sign of their rejection at their hands. Str., Asociația Civică ”Românii Independenți din Serbia” (RIS), Fundamentele Europei sunt de origine Balcanică, Dă clic pentru a partaja pe Twitter(Se deschide în fereastră nouă), Dă clic pentru a partaja pe Facebook(Se deschide în fereastră nouă). L’Europabalcanicaècostituitadanovepaesisituati nelSud-Estdelcontinente.Illoroterritorio,cheoccupa gran parte della penisola balcanica, è dominato dalle areemontuose. This is where there is a striking similarity between some Third World countries, say, inner processes in Guatemala today and tensions or war and violence within or among some ethnocracies we know in Eastern Europe. After this period, countries of the third world such as Guatemala enter directly the "2nd phase", i.e. Quando trovi un DJ che ti piace, utilizza la nostra piattaforma per ingaggiarlo. Licenza (1) Not all of these phenomena can be attributed to "post-communism". Gli artisti ci supportano con un abbonamento facoltativo. Countries of the third world like Guatemala, on the other hand, have enjoyed no liberation but a most brutal repression during the Cold War period (they were within the US sphere of interest). Not that the conflicts have in themselves all of a sudden become ethnic (World War II was after all also an "ethnic war" going by our new vocabulary, but that is not what it was called), but the terminology has changed with globalization. Tribunale di Rovereto n. 256 del 26 maggio 2004) - Direttore responsabile Luca Zanoni, Copyleft 2021 Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa Per non rassegnarsi al dominio delle cose, Palomar, Bari 1997. Vedi anche Balcanica band o artisti Balcanica. That price, which could have been set otherwise, is the result of the Balkan countries impatience to rush into Europe by the end of the 80's, and of European unreadiness to integrate them or to produce a schedule of programmed and gradual integration from the short to the long run. Had it been an integrating principle 10 years ago, the process of integration would have been slower certainly, but possibly less violent in the Balkans, and possibly the expectations before the elections in Italy in two weeks would have been different. Nationalism (whose origin in the French Revolution was certainly at the political left from which it has since disconnected itself) is itself but an attempt to reconstruct a universal after the collapse of the previous one which turned out to be false - since it proposed as universal a mere particular interest. And that we can learn something from that experience. The two transitions: Prenota gratuitamente. a) As for post-socialism (A), here partition happens at the beginning of the second phase, which is also the de-legitimation of the socialist project; post-socialism (A) has ethnocracies, and "centre"or rightest groups in power; first period of the post-partition effects, violence, wars, consolidation of the ethnocracies; this period can't really be compared to some "decolonization" from socialism, though there have been attempts to. Europa are deschidere, în nord, la Oceanul Arctic, în vest la Oceanul Atlantic, în sud la Marea Mediterană, iar în sud-est la Marea Neagră și la căile ei de legătură spre Marea Mediterană. Specific forms of the latter exist, but they vary greatly, discouraging any stereotype, and encouraging comparison. What is now called "communism" was not another planet, just a specific form of modernity, like "capitalism". I Balcani tra integrazione e disintegrazione", Padova 5-5-2001. Yet, we can learn a lot from the past. B. Luverà, I confini dell'odio. Seniori editori † Zoe Petre. Expand all Collapse all Title and reference. Quali sono le caratteristiche del clima? At the same time when this is being finally achieved for the "late-comers" that we euphemistically call "developing countries", within the framework of the globalization (mondialisation) of the Western pattern of modernity, the "capital-sans-frontières" becomes trans-national and indicates towards a new universal, in relationship to which the same will be "late" again. | Condizioni d'uso, I risultati di OBCT in cifre (Dati al 2018). Osserva, ascolta e verifica il prezzo dell'artista che ti piace. We have seen in the formerly Yugoslav countries civil society and public space bring about the freedom and possibility to express any kind of racist and ethnicist views. Serbi, Greci e Montenegrini si coalizzarono contro la Bulgaria; la Romania la prese alle spalle occupando Quali sono le maggiori catene montuose? Most of those countries thought they might better adhere separately. The language that stiffens difference pretends to be able to define everything, to exhaust the meaning and to legiferate on it. Dai un'occhiata ai DJ di genere Balcanica qui sotto e visualizza il loro profilo. Ioan C. Popa. Before that, I believe the term was first used to denote Latin-American transitions from dictatorships to democracy. Socialism, as a promise of a future happiness remaining out of reach, belongs to the same order for that matter. Blog Press Information. Join SUMA and start to enjoy! Albania is a two province minor in Eastern Europe.It starts out surrounded by Serbia, Venice and Ottomans.The latter two countries each own one of its core provinces. One of us! The new world configuration since the end of the Cold War now favours major planetary integrations of capital, accompanied by a fragmentation on the local and social and geopolitical level. Their collective madness shows not only that the sexual difference is at the bottom of any political problem, but also precisely that what is at stake is (Western) modernity , of which "socialism" or "capitalism" are only specific forms. If you have a non-democratic society, its civil society will be non-democratic too, - it will not be civic (cf. (5) See the special issue of the journal "Transeuropéennes" 19/20, 2001 (Paris) on partitions compared. Namely, any inclusion implicates some exclusion. This period ends in Partition (Yugoslavia, USSR, Czechoslovakia). Externe 03 Mar 2016. Qual è la principale caratteristica del territorio? Păi Occidentul nici nu exista când Balcanii au redat Europei configuraţia ei intelectuală şi socială. (5) What can be shortly said about that lesson is that there is no particular reason that the process of disintegration should stop. Eudarcia balcanica belongs to the Invertebrates group. Europa Centrale e Orientale, storia e politica (M-STO/03) Responsabile: Francesco Guida Il programma ha come obiettivo la formazione alla ricerca avanzata sui temi della storia e delle istituzioni dell’Europa centrale e orientale in età contemporanea. La Europa Balcanica: Yugoslavia, Desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial Hasta Nuestros Dias: Martin De La Guardia, Ricardo M.: 9788477384649: Books - 6, Part 4 October 2000, special issue on "Gender and Nationalism", ed. "Transition" is a word which has come back into usage after the dismantlement of the Berlin Wall, to denote what is now usually called "post-communist transition". Sosterrai il nostro lavoro e riceverai articoli in anteprima e più contenuti. Get started! Under such conditions, there may be truces but no peace. P. Rumiz, "Le populisme alpin", in Transeuropéennes 18, 2000, p. 103-123; La secessione leggera. After the big shattering of the world dichotomy, the nation as well as trans-national integrations like Europe (it is only a matter of denomination) was and remains an attempt to avoid social divisions through a higher ideological and imaginary office. Likewise in India, anti-colonial liberation nationalism legitimized a secular nation-building project. "Immediately"can only mean violence and war. The new resemblance of post-socialist transition is not with the first phase of post-colonialism, where anti-colonial nationalism was the agent of liberation and was legitimated after World War II, all through the sixties down to the same dividing line of more or less 1989 which was also decisive for Europe. Dove si trovano le pianure? Externe 03 Mar 2016. Представљање књиге „Logoreia Balcanica” аутора Бранка Димитријевића. Their fuel is the political canalization of an enormous sexual frustration and segregation which is intelligently (and perversely) maintained and instrumentalized by a totalitarian anti-political movement. Dinu Vintilă, nr. În articolul publicat în săptămânalul „Die Zeit” jurnalistul german Ulrich Ladurner este de părere că Uniunea Europeană nu ar trebui să lase Balcanii sub influenţa Rusiei, […] Il nazionalismo etnico e la nuova destra europea, ER, Roma 1999; Il Dottor H. Haider e la nuova destra europea, Einaudi, Torino 2000. The divide after World War II - comparing A) "East" Europe, in my example mainly Yugoslavia and B) post-colonial countries, in my example mainly India (such is not the case of my other example, Guatemala), - runs somewhat as follows:1st PHASE, where socialism (A) and post-colonialism (B) have corresponding features; Cold War; It is a vertical and patriarchal principle which is supposed to provide a cohesion beyond divisions, vested of a divine transcendent power (which replaces, and secularizes, the divine power of the Ancien regime). Andreea Răcănel – Secretar General. Their appeal is ambiguous when it is imperative as it is, because one and the same expression in language covers both acceptance and rejection. The year 1989 is usually the demarcation line of the end of socialism, and the date of embarkation for the post-socialist "transition" which was never clearly defined. They do so precisely after the Cold War which is not only a European phenomenon and demarcation (it was much more acute and not so "cold" in the third world). For the time being, national and state identity is an exclusive concept, it excludes those who do not "belong".I don't think that relying on the concept of civil society, self-government and the like alone can be a solution, and I certainly don't think that any kind of community or communitarianism, communalism, can be of any use because of its intrinsically patriarchal structure: civil society is not a miracle, it reproduces the quality of society or community you have. Today 's Points. Although Albania is Catholic, its capital province is Orthodox.It does start out with a very good leader, a … I shall further investigate the importance of the threshold of 1989 and especially of its meaning for the making of Europe. Aveți mai jos o listă cu site-urile unde se pot face verificări privind înmatricularea, ITP-ul şi asigurarea obligatorie pentru mașini înmatriculate în Europa și în afara ei. Ankara vrea să primească înapoi migranții ilegali ajunși în Europa, dar i-a surprins pe participanții la summitul UE-Turcia cu pretenții foarte mari. Also, it is a community and not a society, and it takes time to build it into a society, whereby the state, which is also rather communal (patriarchal) is not really always helpful. (3) Gabriella Fusi, "Il movimento studentesco in Jugoslavia", in Primavera di Praga e dintorni. E’ dotata di una cultura ricca ed esercita un’importante funzione stabilizzante sull’intera penisola balcanica. I grado “Marconi”, Cuveglio.29/04/2013 This is what "transition" is all about - a period of renegotiating political relations. The complementarity is extended and goes on after the Cold War. Europe is that big promise not held and untenable under the conditions of the reaffirmed dichotomy. If we don't cultivate resistance, democratic pluralism, opposition, citizen's defiance and control of power, as well as an openness and hospitality to others at the heart of Europe, if we neglect the expression of the plural citizenship of all individuals, we may well be fomenting tomorrow's conflicts, both inner and outer. La penisola balcanica 1. Europa este, convențional, unul dintre cele șapte continente.Este separată de Asia prin Munții Ural, râul Ural și Marea Caspică la est, și prin Munții Caucaz la sud-est. (2) Ivan Ivekovic, "Yugoslavia, Fragmentation and Globalization: Some Comparisons", manuscript prepared for the "World Forum for Alternatives" (WFA) as one of the basic texts for its Annual Report "The World Seen By Its People"(2001). Add to favorites 0 favs. It is a process. Also, it should be thought what citizenship in Europe means. Fundamentele Europei sunt de origine balcanică. Eugen Uricaru. In all these countries, the political space is in need of opening and reconstruction, and political subjects, citizens, need to appear, including those who have been silenced in the past. (7) I. Wallerstein, "De Bandoung à Seattle. All these mechanisms can therefore profitably be compared. For example, the still ongoing partition of India and Pakistan which started in 1947-48 through a short civil war not recognized as such because it took place within the anti-colonial movement, can help a lot in understanding the Yugoslav disintegration. Loading ... Add to tournament . 581 articole despre premii olimpiada balcanica de matematica 2014 in Profili accurati. I have written about that extensively elsewhere. A fost descendent al dinastiei Paleologu, ultima care a condus Imperiul Roman de Răsărit (Bizantin) şi a fost înrudit cu Sf. Europa s-a construit singură tip de un mileniu şi jumătate. 18-19. Testata giornalistica registrata (Reg. Recensioni affidabili. Anna Turco, classe II C,sc. Help; Print this page; Text Document information Procedure National transposition Summary of legislation Save to My items Permanent link Bookmark this item; Download notice Follow this document Table of contents Hide Table of contents. Networks. Sec. It is my belief that the integration of Europe and the disintegration/restructuring of the Balkans are one and the same process, and that the violence in the Balkans was the cost of European integration. The Cold War period was a period of extreme state and army violence, and really a civil war, directed against the population as a whole in Guatemala by the state and the army. Promises that are not held: the anticipated enjoying of Europe by itself (Europe constituted but also, to be constituted) happens through violence, because it follows in the same pattern as liberalism which "imitates the distribution of rights"(8) while making a new political theory which replaces economy. But a democratic political subject will only be reconstructed in a sharing and reciprocity of judgement practiced in common by every individual, avoiding the extremes both of individualism or of collectivism and of forced identities. They are of a similar topology as those created in Europe (including Western Europe, where particularisms have not always been integrated through happy regional and trans-national adjustment): most European countries have some such examples, and Italy is remarkable for it. At that time, Europe did not have the courage (nor the political identity) to tell them that they will either be received together, or will not be received at all. We must not loose sight of a wider and even more dubious integration than that of present-day Europe (namely, globalization). I Balcani tra integrazione e disintegrazione", Padova 5-5-2001. (6) Romano Màdera, L'alchimia ribelle. Post Name : Navy SSC Executive Officers Recruitment Online Form 2019 About Post : Join Indian Navy Nausena Bharti Are Invited to Online Application For the Course June 2020 Education Branch, Technical Branch & Executive Branch. ", in Le Monde diplomatique, août 2000, pp. That the Balkan countries should be counted as "virtual members" (though it is not clear what that means) of Europe comes more than 10 years late. Gigstarter non richiede commissioni, per questo il prezzo più basso è una garanzia. But the mechanism of violence was also not studied by our Europe makers.The real problem is how to understand regional integrations, the threshold for us being today 1989, which is also the date from which globalization became visible as an economic ultra-liberal configuration. The word is not a well defined term, and it usually comprises some amount of triumphalism of Western capitalism-restoration . But, at the end of the eighties, Europe didn't allow any time to the former Yugoslavia as a possible future member, there was no future vision, and the request was immediately. No exaggerated euphoria seems today possible over such ethnocracies, over countries where the "de-nazification" after the bloody wars of the eighties has not yet been achieved,(4) or over some of those pseudo-statal entities. This is certainly not comparable to the history of socialist countries (though post-colonial history in decolonized countries is), but the aftermaths are very much comparable - due to the new uniformization. Eionet; Network of the Heads of Environment Protection Agencies (EPA network) Considering that nations are by definition incomplete and unstable forms, non-identical to themselves in their search for their own identity, one must admit that it will take at least some decades for the area to geopolitically take shape and to heal the wounds of the past protracted violences. Tot aici o să găsiți o serie de alte link-uri utile care vă pot permite verificarea CI, Pașaport, Permis de conducere, etc. Self-realization must now comprise sharing, as would say Romano Màdera. Aflati informatii despre pret si disponibilitate pentru Tigla metalica pe site. In both cases, socialism (A) and post-colonialism (B) in the 1st phase we have to do with forms of modernity, but the first phase ("unconscious", but "happy", or happy because unconscious) - ends up among other things due to lack of real democratisation, as the>2nd PHASE, where post-socialism and post-colonialism have corresponding features in further fragmentation, nationalisms, religious fundamentalisms etc, whereby the oligarchies of both try to preserve/reformulate themselves and to renegotiate hegemonies; all of it within a new world-wide globalization process which now has at one end globalizing integrations, and at the other end identitarian fragmentations (which are really two sides of the same). Greater integration movements (Europe) and globalization at one end produce more and more disintegration, ethnicisation, identitarian fundamentalism etc. Domnitor Constantin Brâncoveanu. (2)b) Erosion of the secular nation-project, post-colonialism (B) is shaken by severe identitarian movements (nationalisms etc) and/or has ethnocracies too. Alexandru Paleologu a fost un scriitor, eseist, critic literar, diplomat şi om politic român. These lying anticipations of untenable promises, like the one of the anticipated enjoyment of the Nation in and through war, level in advance the temporal dimension bearing diversity and differences, as much as they allow to justify violence.NOTES: At the same time, the identitarian drives in the same Guatemala - which are new - were not really an issue during the past 36 year civil war, and have appeared since the reintegration of Guatemala into the international community. In the good preliminary paper "Di-Segnare l'Europa..." we received with the invitation to start discussion, no mention is made at all of inner Western European mechanisms of ethnicization, rampant rightist populism in the regions, disintegration, which are not at all different, though they are for the time being softer, than the mechanisms described (in the same paper) as going on in the Balkans. In the following paper, I shall start by describing (though in a loose way) transition, comparing post-colonial and post-socialist transition. Observing the countries of the former Yugoslavia as they are today(3), in a form which one knows to be transitory, cannot but leave one skeptical. civil/civic). "It remains to be seen what happens during this transition of the present system towards another or other ones", writes Immanuel Wallerstein concerning the transformations of the "world-system" within globalization. Search assessment, quiz at QuestBase Now! Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. It has a rich culture and exerts a major stabilising influence over the entire Balkan peninsula. Transitions take place under such unequal conditions. Affidati alle recensioni indipendenti degli organizzatori. PRIMA GUERRA BALCANICA SECONDA GUERRA BALCANICA CONTE DRACULA CASTELLO DI DRACULA COSTANTINOPOLI Vlad Tepes era un conte che a soli 17 anni assassinò lo zio il quale era salito al trono 10 anni prima assassinando il padre di Tepes, il padre veniva soprannominato Dracul nome Marilena Ferraro 12,112 views. Translator. Or one day at Azerbaijan? Pentru a … And,b) Here, for post-colonial countries (B), Partition happens at the beginning of this first phase and is covered by the official image of the anti-colonial revolution (there are correspondences to the socialist revolution in the way these two events are "foundations"); it is the first post-colonial period of the Nehruvian secularist project, the consolidation of the secular centralized state. Hai pensato a un abbonamento a OBC Transeuropa? Gigstarter non richiede commissioni. Total Points. Online quiz to learn Regione balcanica: stati ; Your Skills & Rank. Also: Michel Huysseune, "Masculinity and secessionism in Italy: an assessment" in: Nations and Nationalism, vol. Abstract and useless rights, such as this locus of investment of the imaginary that is the Nation - are opposed to the concrete place of enjoyment of the goods they anticipate without ever really leading to them. a) real socialism (with significant differences between, say, USSR and Yugoslavia; surely, over the following period countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia or Hungary escape the fate of the former, regarding violence, much to their advantage), period of the consolidation of the Party-state. The products offered by SUMA will allow you redeem your Miles for flights or to select from a wide range of products and benefits included in the programme. More information. În timpul regimului comunist a fost deţinut politic, fiind condamnat la 14 ani de muncă silnică. So Europe self-legitimizes itself through the universal and humanist image it gives itself in its narratives, getting justified and recognized in its turn through the others (as in a mirror) to whom she would serve as a model to imitate: Eastern Europe has played this role, and so has the Third World. at the other end, as we have seen in the case of the Balkans and of some other European Partitions. Established in 1990, EUROPA a company specialized in the production of OVENS and equipment for BREAD, PASTRY and PIZZA. ... Regione balcanica, Malta e Cipro - Duration: 6:22. În 1990 a fost numit ambasador al României în Franţa, dar a fost demis în iunie după ce a simpatizat cu manifestanţii din Piaţa Universităţii.

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